The Editor’s Rant: Issue #1

by Michael D. Pederson


Hi there.

Welcome to the premiere issue of Nth Degree. You’re probably all wondering what to expect from us. We’ll have fiction from some of the genre’s hotest new writers (just as soon as we find them), hysterical new comics, and artwork from award-winning artists, plus filks, reviews, and constant convention coverage.

In addition to publishing a hot new ’zine, we’ll have one of those new-fangled web thingies at I’ve heard they’re all the rage these days.

And don’t forget the con parties! Nth Degree will be distributed, free-of-charge, at major conventions nationwide. Stop in to your favorite con and join us for the fun!

And let’s not forget the staff. I’m very excited to have so many of my former collaborators working on this magazine with me. Maybe even a few recognizable names… Craig Enslin, my partner-in-crime from Renaissance Comic’s Raven. Brandon and Susan Blackmoor, creators of Black Gate Publishing’s Legacy: War of Ages, gaming system. Phill Ash, formerly of Doctors in the House and Luna-C. Lloyd Montgomery, writer for Escape Venture’s Gatewar gaming system. Plus, lots of new talent that will soon be recognizable names in the world of Fandom.

I hope everyone enjoys our new magazine, and we’ll see you all at the next con!

P.S.—I still like pie.


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