The Editor’s Rant: Issue #14

by Michael D. Pederson


Time for another update on how things are going here at the bustling offices of Nth Degree. For starters, we have more projects going on than ever before. And by we, I mostly mean me. Sigh.

The biggest news involves the website. After letting it slide for way too long, I’ve finally gotten the entire site up-to-date. All of the fiction, poetry, filks, comics and con reviews that have appeared in the magazine have finally been loaded onto the website. I’ll keep this current from here on out if it kills me.

Brandon has added a neat new section to the website for us to start uploading exclusive new “web only” content. This is going to be for fiction that I enjoyed but didn’t think was quite right for the magazine. I frequently receive good stories that are too long or are too similar to something I’ve just published, now I’ll have a place to put them. And I have enough material that I’ll be able to post new stories on a daily basis.

I’ve also got several stories that I wanted to run in the zine but simply didn’t have room for. That’s one of the downsides to being quarterly. My output just can’t keep up with the volume of submissions I receive. One of these days we’ll be able to go bi-monthly but until then I’ll be putting out a monthly e-zine to go with the print magazine. NthZine will feature the fiction that couldn’t fit into the print zine. Also, being monthly, we’ll be able to run more timely reviews for things like television, movies, CDs and comics. The e-zine will be available as a PDF download. In theory it will be very similar to Nth Degree, only distributed in an electronic format.

Nth Degree has also taken on the task of hosting a science fiction literary convention in Richmond, Virginia. RavenCon is my own little brainchild but I’m being ably assisted by authors Tee Morris and Tony Ruggiero. Tee, Tony and myself attend quite a few conventions and decided that our insider’s perspective would help us in organizing Richmond’s first SF con in over twenty years. We’ve seen quite a bit of what works and what doesn’t work and are not ashamed to liberally borrow ideas from other cons. We’ve already got a crack staff of volunteers. If the amount of fun we have at our meetings is any indication then RavenCon will surely be a success.

Creatively, I’m having a banner year. Unfortunately, quantum instabilities in my personal life are still an issue. The big move last January threw my print schedule off a bit. Now I find myself forced to move again in September. And again in October. Then I’ll stay put for a while. I promise. The downside is that I’ll probably only get three issues out this year. This won’t affect subscriptions any since I’ve always measured subscriptions by number of issues rather than by the calendar. And conventions won’t suffer since I’m increasing my print runs to accommodate longer distribution periods.

By the time you read this, the monthly e-zine (NthZine) and daily web updates should be going strong though. In the meantime, I suggest that everyone buy lots and lots of back issues. The money’s always nice to have and less stuff to move is less stuff to move.


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