The Editor’s Rant: Issue #15

by Michael D. Pederson


Well, here we are again with another Issue #1. It’s actually kinda exciting. When I launched Nth Degree (way back in 2002) I didn’t have a space for the Rant so I wasn’t able to bubble and gush all warm and fuzzy about starting a new magazine. I wasn’t able to tell everyone that we were creating a magazine that was specifically for the talented writers and artists that were struggling to launch their careers.

Most people figured that out pretty quickly though. Now, fourteen issues later, we’re starting a new monthly e-zine. This isn’t intended to replace Nth Degree and you can easily read one without the other. Our goal is for Nth Zine to complement the print zine.

Nth Zine will probably never look quite as nice as Nth Degree, there simply won’t be as much artwork. The monthly schedule makes it too difficult to maintain the more intensive design that goes into Nth Degree, so I’ve streamlined the design. Now, text can be easily dropped in place and each issue can then be either viewed directly on your computer or printed up and read on bits of dead trees.

As for content, the new monthly format will allow us to run reviews that we simply can’t use for the quarterly print zine. When the summer issue of Nth Degree comes out at the end of May, it stays in circulation until the end of August. The content ends up being mostly written in April and, face it, a movie review written in April won’t make much difference in the heat of August.

I’m hoping to be able to use this new more-timely format to be able to put together special issues as well. I really want to do a Halloween issue but I suspect that will have to wait until next year.

Finally, I debated with myself for quite a while on whether or not to include ads. As you can see, I decided in favor of keeping them. These guys paid good money to be in the print zine and I want to give them the most bang for their buck. I hope you like it!

(The contents of this Rant may seem confusing now that I’ve done away with Nth Zine and converted all the old issues to the Nth Degree format. My apologies. MDP, Sept. 2014.)


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