Book Review: Buffalogic, Inc.

Buffalogicby Michael D. Pederson


Buffalogic, Inc.: Tales of the Amazing Conroy No. 1
Lawrence M. Schoen
SRM Publishers Ltd., 46 pp.

Lawrence M. Schoen is best known as one of the world’s leading authorities on the Klingon language. So it comes as no surprise (and perhaps even a bit of a relief) to learn that he has a great sense of humor. This chapbook presents two short stories featuring the Amazing Conroy. The first story, “Buffalo Dogs,” introduces us to Conroy, a stage hypnotist, and to the title creatures. Buffalo dogs are miniature buffalo that eat anything and fart oxygen; they are highly prized by the terraforming industry and worth millions. “Buffalo Dogs” is a wacky story about how Conroy got into the smuggling business and acquired Regina Catherine Alyosious Nantucket Bitter Almonds St. Croix (his own buffalo dog) that keeps you laughing to the end. The second story, “Telepathic Intent,” is a clever murder mystery that uses telepathy and hypnosis to confuse the issue of whodunit. The characters are good and the plot is clever but the story seems to move too quickly. This time around Conroy is swept along by events around him and he spends most of his time reacting to others as opposed to “Buffalo Dogs” where he was the master hypnotist, in complete control. Still, Buffalogic, Inc. is a good pair of stories, especially if you’re in the mood for some enjoyably humorous science fiction. I look forward to future volumes.


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