Book Review: Shadow Image

ShadowImageby Michael D. Pederson


Shadow Image
Martin J. Smith
Berkeley Publishing Group, 344 pp.

Shadow Image professes to be a “whipcord thriller,” and “a suspenseful ride.” I don’t think so. The story’s hero, Jim Christiansen, is studying repressed memory in Alzheimer’s patients. When one of his patients (the matriarch of a local political dynasty) is injured in a suspicious fall at home, he begins focusing on her case. His girlfriend is also hired as the family’s defense attorney to handle any problems that may arise from the fall. Two-hundred pages into the book, all he has uncovered is a suspicion that the family may have covered up the accidental death of their son three years prior. In order to keep the death covered up, the family goes on a killing spree, and even kidnaps the main character’s children. Needless to say, this doesn’t help them to keep a low profile. Highly disappointing. The suspense builds too slowly, the characters are two-dimensional, and the villains are completely illogical.


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