We’re on Patreon!

FishInWaterAfter many months of planning, digging through slush piles, finding new material, and plotting schedules we’ve finally rolled out our new Patreon page. Let’s talk about what you can expect with the new changes.

For starters, we will be posting new fiction to this very website every Tuesday and Thursday. Fans on our Patreon page will get bonus stories every other Saturday, too. These bonus stories will include sneak peeks at the next issue of the zine, old stories with new artwork, and exclusive content that hasn’t been posted before. Every couple of months we will collect our best stories into a new issue. The new issues will look just like what we’ve been publishing for the past few years, with all the great fiction and features that you’ve come to expect. We currently have over four months of stories prepped to run online and have the next two issues planned out. 

Why Patreon? So that we can start paying our contributors. Plus, Patreon is the perfect 21st century twist on the old-fashioned subscription model. Now instead of a one-size-fits-all annual subscription our readers will have the ability to choose the level of support they want to invest in us. You can still read all of our great new issues for free right here on our website or you can opt into one of several bonus levels that each come with their own rewards. You can get anything from a simple shout-out of recognition to editing services to print copies to swag packs. It’s all your choice!

The most important part of this plan is that as our donations increase we will be able to give back more and more to our wonderful contributors, all the writers and artists that have toiled behind the scenes for years to provide us a steady flow of material to produce a quality zine. 

What are our long-term goals? We want to be one of the top paying zines in the market. We want to start a video podcast to report on the world of fandom, past and present. We want to start providing audio broadcasts of some of the best fiction that we’ve published over the past 16 years. We want to create full-cast audio dramas featuring the best of the best from the zine. We’re also thinking world domination, but that’s still many many years down the road. 

Please visit our Patreon page and see what we’re offering. If you like what you see, then please subscribe. Besides, I really really want to do those audio dramas. Support the arts!

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A New Website!




So much to talk about! Yep, the website is FINALLY finished. It’s been a long, hard road but we’ve finally moved 14 years worth of content onto the newly designed website. It’s taken a bit longer than originally anticipated but I’m very happy with the results.

What’s new? All of the interviews, features, reviews, convention calendars, editorials, and artwork that originally appeared in the zine but was never on the website is now on the new and improved nthzine.com. We’ve also added new features like this very blog. As a convention runner and fanzine editor I frequently have things to comment on and now I have a spiffy new blog to do just that.

What’s coming up in the zine? In the next week we’ll start running new Featured Stories twice a week. And we’re already hard at work on the next issue of Nth Degree. Issue #26 will feature new stories from our good friends C.J. Henderson and Bud Webster who passed away while we were creating the website.

Also, reviews will be more timely now. I’ve already posted a few reviews to the website that will be included in the upcoming issue. Being able to preview them on the website will let us feature items more regularly than our quarterly update schedule previously allowed.

I’m also planning on rolling out a Patreon page soon. If that goes well we’re hoping to be able to start paying for fiction. Ideally I believe that we can turn Nth Degree into one of the top paying markets in the industry. We’ve published a lot of quality material from many talented creators over the years and I feel like we’ve just barely skimmed the surface of what we’re capable of producing.

Please be sure to let all of your friends and followers know about all of the exciting changes here at the new and improved Nth Degree!

Thanks for reading!