Cloned for War

Cloned for War

Illustration by J. Andrew World

by Michael D. Pederson

To the tune of “Born to Run,” written and performed by Bruce Springsteen.


In the day we sweat it out in the gyms of a renegade Republic planet
At night we are prematurely aged, at a rate of two-to-one
Sprung from creches on Kamino Prime
Plasteel, egg-shell armored
And steppin’ off the assembly line
Baby, these clowns buy their clones off the rack
A half-price sale, it’s a plan to fail
They’re gonna go on making more
’Cause troops like us, baby we were cloned for war
(Yes, boy we were)

Jango Fett came in, donated chromosomes
He took a clone to raise and trained him
Just close your mind to the ethics, man,
And plant your ass on my Xerox
Genetics says we can break this cell
Split the nucleus, assemble the proteins back
’Till we’re all the same as our “Father”
Yeah baby, I’m just a pawn and cannon fodder
But I want to know why we feel
’Cause I know my death is certain
Yeah, I know for sure my death is real
(Oh, can you save me?)

In the Outer Rim heavy powered drones scream through the atmosphere
Word comes down from the Jedi Council
And the clones are moved en masse
The transport shuttle comes in cold and fast
Troops are loaded on a ship in the night
I’m gonna die somewhere distant on a desert world
In an everlasting fight

The junkyard’s filled with battle droids, they’re the last wave that got fried
Everybody’s out on the front tonight
But there’s no place left to hide
Together we’ll all be killed in the battle
Just a herd of walking cattle in white suits
Someday soon, I don’t know when
I’m gonna get that order
That will finally send me in
And I’ll die in the fore
But ’till then, troops like us
Baby we were cloned for war

Awww buddy, troops like us
Baby we were cloned for war


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