Con Review: StellarCon 29

Stellarcon29by Michael D. Pederson


Stellarcon 29
March 11-13, 2005
Greensboro, North Carolina

I love this con. There are few cons that I have more fun at than Stellarcon. Maybe more cons should be run by pirates.

This year’s Guests of Honor included Lani Tupu (Media), Janny Wurts (Writer), Don Maitz (Artist) and J.D. Wiker (Gaming). And what a great bunch of guests. I know because I was asked to host an Inside the Actor’s Studio-style interview with them (with the exception of Don Maitz, who presented his own slide show instead). It was a great concept that the audience and the guests all seemed to enjoy. I know I had a blast!

Frankly, the rest of the con is a blur.

There were a few drinks in the bar Friday night with John Ringo and company. Then lots of prepping on Saturday to make sure the interviews went smoothly. I’m pretty sure that I did a panel or two somewhere in there. And, of course, I hosted our usual Nth Degree party on Saturday night. One of our best yet, I might add (thanks go out to Patrick Vanner for helping with that).

Other than that it was a typically exciting Stellarcon that is best recalled in snapshot images: Lots of pirates and stormtroopers. A HUGE number of familiar faces. A 2:00 panel on Friday afternoon that almost didn’t happen but turned into loads of fun. Great hall costumes (go to the website and check out the Dolls). Some scary activity at the room party. And lots of giggly Carolina Scapers at the Lani Tupu interview.

Next year’s Stellarcon is being moved from March to February. I’m giving everyone lots of notice on this. I don’t want to hear any lame excuses about not knowing that they changed dates. See you there!


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