Con Review: Trinoc*CoN 2003

Trinoc2003by Michael D. Pederson


Trinoc*CoN 2003
August 1-3, 2003
Durham, North Carolina

Summer conventions are tough. Who wants to compete with the beach, amusement parks, family vacations, or Pennsic? Well, Trinoc*CoN has bucked the system by successfully moving their convention from its well-attended October dates to the first weekend in August. Guests this year included Lawrence Watt-Evans (Literary), Ursula Vernon (Art), and Bruce Baugh (Gaming). Trinoc*CoN has built a reputation as a literary convention so I was surprised and impressed to see how much of their programming was dedicated to gaming, anime, and web comics. A very large (and well-ventilated) gaming room was kept open 24-hours as was the anime room which had the coolest sound and projection system that I’ve seen yet at a small convention, plus it sat up to 250 people. A good portion of Saturday night was spent crowded around the Nth Degree party room with several book dealers and the literary chair, discussing potential guests for next year’s Trinoc*CoN. I am always impressed to see that kind of interactivity between the con staff and the attendees. Trinoc*CoN 2004 is scheduled for July 23-25 ( Expect to see me there, even though I couldn’t get a good answer on why a capital “N”.


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