Letters of Comment: Issue #12


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Thanks for the latest Nth Degree and congratulations on making it to issue 10.

Unfortunately there was little resonance with your convention reports and conventions I’ve been to or missed, although I suppose SheVaCon may be what RoVaCon turned into. Certainly the roots of the names look suspiciously similar.

As for the major fiction piece I can’t buy the premise. Aliens smart enough to travel to Earth via spaceship would (a) have spacesuits and (b) would know better than to land in a combat zone. Suspension of disbelief was too great to overcome.

Until next issue…

Henry L. Welch
Editor, The Knarley Knews
August 15, 2004

That’s an interesting question about SheVaCon/RoVaCon. I remember RoVaCon but don’t know if it morphed into SheVaCon or not. Anybody out there know the answer?


Dear Mike,

Thanks for letting me read the stories that constitute Mazes. If you like, you may use the following as a publicity comment:

“These four low-key, odd, and heartfelt tales contain, in embryo, a powerful talent. ‘Greek Garden’ is a gender-reversed Pygmalion, with another reversal at the end. ‘Grounded’ economically evokes a bizarre and frightening world, with wings. ‘The Touch of Hands Beyond the Maze’ recalls James Patrick Kelly’s ‘Rat’ without in any way borrowing from it. And ‘Storms,’ the longest as well as the most poignant and mysterious of the tales, illuminates with recurrent lightning strikes the adolescence of its troubled heroine. Michail Velichansky will undoubtedly grow as a writer, but Mazes is a fine place to enter the bewitching labyrinth of his fancies.”

Michael Bishop
October 8, 2004

Mazes, by Michail Velichansky, is Nth Degree’s first foray into the world of chapbooks and Michael Bishop was very generous to take the time to read a copy. I will be screaming his kind words from the rooftops at the next several cons I attend. From one Mike,  for another Mike, to yet another Mike—Thanks!

We’re planning on making our chapbooks available online soon, but in the meantime you can contact me directly at editor@nthzine.com if you’re interested.



Received my copy of Nth Degree #11 yesterday. First, congratulations on the new page length.

Again, thanks for listing me on the masthead. I may have to put this on my resumé.

I have another fanzine that might be interested in trading with you. It’s Alexiad, edited by Joseph and Lisa Major.

Johnny Carruthers
October 15, 2004

And thanks to Johnny for suggesting Alexiad (contact info on page 10) to me. I’m always on the lookout for good zines. Johnny also recommended Argentus, and has been very gracious in taking Nth Degrees to conventions in the Kentucky area. In fact, the “With Thanks To” column on the Staff page is mostly filled with people that have kindly taken zines to their local cons for me. I am always indebted to the generosity of fans.


I picked up Nth Degree #11 at Capclave this weekend. I’ve just started reading it and so far like the con reports and book reviews.

If you could list a con I’m involved with, when the time rolls around, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Gaylaxicon 2005
Cambridge, MA
July 1-4, 2005

I see the con listing just has the name, dates, and city/state, but if you’re curious: http://www.gaylaxicon.org/2005/

Kendall P. Bullen
Dealer Room Coordinator, Gaylaxicon 2005
(and Gaylaxicons 1999 & 2000)
October 18, 2004

Here’s another rare glimpse into the inside working of Nth Degree… I generally compile the convention calendars based on flyers that I pick up at the cons I attend. If I still have space leftover in the column, I make an online search for cons I may have missed. I find www.sflovers.org to be an invaluable site for keeping up with convention information. Sending me the information directly though is a sure-fire way to make sure you get listed.

And, starting with this issue, I’ve expanded the convention listings from two months to three and added the con’s URL to make it easier for you the reader to find out more about your favorite cons.


Dear Mr. Pederson:

I am writing to renew my subscription to you’re [sic] wonderful publication, Nth Degree. Each issue I have received has been even better than the previous one, and I read them cover to cover. I was wondering if you would ever consider publishing any stories of an erotic/anthropomorphic nature? I was just curious. Keep up the good work!

Harold Zwick
November 10, 2004

Apparently our cross-over appeal has stretched into the realm of the Furries. Thanks for the kind words, and as to publishing stories about anthropomorphic characters, nobody has sent me any yet. We came close last issue with a story about a woman who had herself genetically mutated into a humanoid manta ray (“Sister Sonata” by Robert Waters). We’ll likely never cross into the realm of eroticism though. Since our magazine is distributed through convention registration bags and freebie tables it’s hard to control the ages of our readers. We’ll slide into a soft “R” rating at times but that’s about as far as we can go.


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