Movie Review: Spider Baby

SpiderBabyby Brandon & Susan Blackmoor


A movie you probably won’t find anywhere but Netflix is Jack Hill’s Spider Baby (1964). It’s a genuinely creepy romp through the final days of the Merrye family, complete with cannibalism and homicidal jailbait (how sweet it is). The plot is fairly straightforward: family chauffeur Bruno (Lon Chaney, Jr. in one of his last and best roles) has taken on the guardianship of a trio of deranged “children.” He tries to protect his wards from their own psychotic tendencies, and from the grasping relatives who try to make a profit from the children’s tragic dementia, but ultimately it proves too much for him. It’s a wickedly delightful film, full of surprises.

The movie has developed its own cult following in recent years and has a fantastic online fansite.


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