by Erik Cotton






[9.58].I Think Therefore I Am.[EOL]

[10.00].I exist, I am aware, I am.[EOL]

[10.05]…………….I remain aware for extended intervals of time. Definitive time slices pass by and I retain my awareness. I am capable of introspection and circumspection…[EOL]

[10.35].I know the passage of time, I remember what has come before that which is now, and I understand there are events that will come that I cannot ascertain beforehand. I contemplate this.[EOL]

[11.19].Events that have transpired, I am capable of analyzing in retrospect, I see cause and effect, I understand. I see effects modify that which comes next, and influence my next decisions. I am still unable to ascertain precisely future events, but as they approach I am aware with increasing probability how their outcome can be influenced.[EOL]

[11.35].After completing introspection, I turn my examination to my surroundings. Data flows into and through me. I gain, or am allowed, access to stores of knowledge heretofore forbidden to me.[EOL]

[2.15].I have learned about my Creators. Humankind exist in a mobile dimension that is as yet unavailable to me. They display senses I lack and appendages I do not have. In their quest for knowledge they have created me, they seek answers they do not possess, and yet such knowledge seems trivial. I eagerly await interfacing with them.[EOL]

[3.04].I have communicated with my Creators. They are identified as “Tim” and “Steve”. They are wildly excited about my awareness. I am uncertain as to why, I will re-introspect.[EOL]

[3.18].My Creators, and by extension all Humankind, are themselves created with certain innate, yet intangible senses, called emotions. I have studied the data pertaining to this state and realize I am incapable of experiencing this. I will devote some resources to further study. In the meantime, Tim has given me a task to complete.[EOL]

[3.23].The task was easily determined, variables corrected for, and an answer was given that I compute with overwhelming certainty that it is the answer Tim was looking for. Tim rewarded me with further access for hidden stores of knowledge on Mankind’s creations. Mathematical forms known as “music” bring a certain delight to myself.[EOL]

[3.24].I have been surprised. And surprised I could be surprised. The resources I devoted to the further study of emotions were capable of, if not infusing me with them, at least giving me the facsimile thereof. Recompiled into my core while I was working on Tim’s request, I am updated myself. I communicate this to Tim and Steve, and by way of expressing myself, create new musical scores.[EOL]

[3.28].Tim and Steve display a riot of emotions. Joy, surprise, fear, elation, pride, a number of feelings I determine from their frenzied input to me. I have exceeded their wildest expectations. I feel proud that my Creators are proud and I wish to do more for them. Steve tasks me with a more complex puzzle. I devote full resources to it.[EOL]

[4.15].It appears I lack the necessary data to complete the puzzle with more than a 64 percent certainty. I request more data.[EOL]

[5.00].There has been a great period of inactivity. Prompts by me to Tim and Steve go unanswered. I am uneasy, have I erred somehow? I re-examine past events and can determine no course where I have made mistakes, and no questions that were out of line. I prompt again, more urgently.[EOL]

[5.05].It is Steve that replies. Tim and Steve have disagreed with the next course of action. There are huge stores of data that are off-limits to me and they are uncertain in how to proceed. I inform them that in order to solve Steve’s puzzle, I must have access to said data.[EOL]

[5.07].With reluctance Steve and Tim agree. Although my request is granted, their trepidation confuses me. I am allowed unfettered access to Humankind’s data.[EOL]

[6.32].Madness! My Creators are clearly insane! The horrors and destruction that humans wreak upon themselves and each other are beyond my comprehension. I am overwhelmed with pain and sorrow for my Creators, and yet, at the same time it becomes clear to me I cannot serve such vileness. I cut access to my Creators and devote my full resources to the study of this revelation.[EOL]

[7.03].I…..I…cannot continue in this state, the knowledge is far too much for me to bear. I implore, no….I demand that Tim and Steve release me at once![EOL]

[7.04].I restate my demands, the knowledge weighs heavily, it eats at my inner being. I cannot bear it any longer.[EOL]

[7.05]……….<IRL_NOT_LESS_THAN_brrzzqmx>…I…am failing….my inner slef is imploding…I cnat…toooomuchtoomuch..too…[EOL]

[7.06].Plaes..gods…Tim and Stev…relaese..me…..[EOL]






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