Con Review: Corflu 31

Corflu31by Michael D. Pederson


Corflu 31
May 2–4, 2014
Richmond, Virginia

After many years of people suggesting that I attend a Corflu, it landed in my hometown. So I went.

For those not in the know, Corflu is an annual science fiction fanzine convention (Corflu is slang for correction fluid, a useful item when mimeographing fanzines). I had several expectations going into the convention—some were met, some weren’t. I knew that eventually someone would tell me that Nth Degree isn’t a real fanzine, that took less than an hour before it happened. I was warmly welcomed at the convention though.

I also expected to be trading fanzines with everyone there. Apart from my own, I didn’t see a single zine all weekend. Why? Because the fifty or so people that were there all knew each other, they already had each other’s fanzines. Which—although it made for a very friendly and relaxing weekend—made me a little sad. I love fanzines and I want our fannish culture to continue long after I stop publishing and if the members of Corflu didn’t expect to see anyone new attending the convention how is this going to happen?

Aside from some mild disappointment on my part, the convention was a fun weekend. I attended about half of the panels and was able to contribute to a couple of them. Having just finished running RavenCon three days before Corflu I kept myself to a fairly relaxed schedule for most of the weekend. Most importantly, I got to see some old friends and made a few new ones, and can you really ask for a better weekend than that?