Pro Files: David Franklin

Bracaby Ron McClung


Nth Degree was recently given the privilege of interviewing actor David Franklin. We’re all big Farscape fans here…

ND: With Ben Browder and Claudia Black joining the cast of Stargate SG-1, are you likely to stay with science fiction as well or concentrate more on drama?

DF: As much as I enjoy doing sci-fi, I enjoy working in all sorts of dramatic forms. I’d love to do some more comedy.

ND: How did it feel getting back together with everyone for Peacekeeper Wars? Was there a “learning curve” in getting back with the characters, or was everyone ready to pick up where they left off?

DF: After working together previously for so long, it was just a matter of slipping on the costume, and then it was business as usual. Well, it was for me anyway. I was quite surprised how, after only a day on set, it was almost like there hadn’t been a break. There you go you taskmaster!

ND: How did it feel being less of a bootlicker and more of a hotshot commando in Peacekeeper Wars? Were you all having too much fun on the set?

DF: Braca used to be the guy you should never go on a mission with because he’d inevitably get his subordinates killed while doing nothing himself. It seems like Captain Braca has matured somewhat. Who knew?

Because the mini-series shoot was like a movie, there was more time spent sitting around waiting for special effects to set up shots. I was joking around with Raelee Hill one day—we were so bored—and we started shooting a joke—Captain Braca beefcake calendar—because of his newfound hotshot commando status. That kept us amused for a few days. The only trouble was that the rest of the crew wanted to get involved and we were meant to be shooting Farscape. The calendar was a great end-of-shoot present, and you can get copies online at

ND: What was a favorite episode for you? What episode makes you ask “What am I doing here?”

DF: I enjoyed the one where Braca was bewitched by Grayza’s aphrodisiac secretion. Poor Braca didn’t know if he’d been sexually molested or not.

I remember the episode also with Grayza where I had a Skreeth on my forehead, which telepathically transmitted another being into me, and Rebecca [Commandant Grayza] asked me how I was going to be possessed, and I replied I have no #$%#@%$ idea!

I think Braca’s favorite moment was when he had his boss Scorpius on a chain. It was a moment of complete wish-fulfillment for him.

ND: When you look back on Farscape what are your impressions? Was it “just another gig” or do you feel like you made an impact?

DF: I originally only came in for two episodes, but it ended up being for the whole run of the show. First and foremost, I was amazed with the extraordinary vision of Brian Henson. There had never been anything on TV before like it, and there will probably never be again. I was honored to be a part of that. Unlike most TV acting gigs, we were able to form an ensemble group of actors, which allowed me to expand my range and take risks as a performer.

ND: Compared to theatrical acting, do you find it difficult to perform opposite Muppets, green screens, and people yelling “Boom… Something just blew up to your left!”?

DF: Acting is always about imagination. And it’s especially good when the imagination is as fertile as the Farscape team.