Unused Art


Sometimes an artist misses a deadline, or a piece needs a little tweaking, or multiple artists submit artwork for the same story, or a story that’s already been illustrated gets pulled. As a result, we’ve built up a collection of unused artwork over the years that’s just too good to go to waste.


J. Andrew World


Somewhere along the way we decided that Andy was illustrating SO MANY stories for us (and often on an incredibly short turnaround time) that we should make him our official staff artist.


The Gallery: J. Andrew World


Welcome to the opening night for our brand new art gallery. Waiters with appetizer trays and cocktails will be passing amongst you shortly. Please help yourselves… For the first installment of a new feature that we’re adding to show off the works of our contributing artists we had no choice but to start with Nth Degree’s very own staff artist, J. Andrew World. Andy’s remarkable illustrations have been gracing our pages since the second issue (June 2002). In addition to working on Nth Degree, Andy has done quite a bit of illustrating in and around the world of fandom. He’s done graphic design work and illustrations for RavenCon, Capclave, and Genericon; illustrated album covers for Eyeballman Records and The Funny Music Project; developed The Seen, a soon-to-be-released webcomic; and has illustrated two children’s books. Here’s a small sampling of his work…