Book Review: The Kept Secret

KeptSecretby Michael D. Pederson


The Kept Secret
Stan Wilczek Jr.
Gateway Press, 308 pp.

I’m generally a pretty harsh critic when it comes to the world of vanity press. In the time that I’ve been writing book reviews (ten years), I’ve only favorably reviewed two self-published books. This brings the count to three.

The Kept Secret is set three years after 9/11. The premise is that Al Qaeda followed their attacks on New York and D.C with a tunnel bombing in Boston and a nationwide hepatitis epidemic in 2004. All while planning a larger bombing. I’m pretty sure it was the sensitive subject matter and not the quality of writing that kept this from being picked up by any major publishers. Wilczek builds off of the post-9/11 fears to create a suspenseful and intriguing story that moves quickly and incorporates some clever cold war conspiracies into our modern-day political climate.