Comic Review: Shadoboxxer #2

Shadoboxxer2by KT Pinto


Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot #2
Victor James Toro
Toro Comics


Everyone’s favorite damn sexy ninja is back in the latest installment of The One Man Riot. This is not only a continuation of the vampire story from Issue #1, but also gives the backstory of Shado and his best friend Kim, a techie-genius.

The artwork was once again incredible, with images that jump off of the page. The storyline is simple, but engaging, and I was sorry when I came to the end so quickly.

Two things I liked about this issue: first, the fan art in the back. I think it’s great that Toro shows support for his fellow artists. Second, the image of Kim and Shado, showing how much taller she is than he. It’s a startling contrast, but relays how well her femininity is portrayed throughout the rest of the story.

Great issue!


Comic Review: Shadoboxxer #1

Shadoboxerby KT Pinto


Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot #001
by Victor Toro
Toro Comics

Shadoboxxer is an urban ninja hero with mysterious powers and an amazing physique who, with his hacker friend Kim and his ghost cat Phantom, saves those in trouble, defends the defenseless, and takes on a variety of bad guys—both human and non—who are out to cause havoc. In this issue Shado runs into a burning building to save two young children who are being surrounded by a fire that is clearly more than it seems to be.

I have been following Victor’s work, and the evolution of Shadoboxxer, for quite some time, which makes me think that someone new to Shado’s world may be confused by the storyline in this premier issue, and on a couple of pages the narration inadvertently rhymed. But putting that aside, this comic has amazing art, great characters, and some intense action. And there’s a cliffhanger ending that’s going to leave readers wanting more.

You can find out more about Victor Toro and the world of Shadoboxxer at Issue #002 is available now as well.