The Editor’s Rant: Issue #18

by Michael D. Pederson


Wow. It’s only February and I’m already exhausted. Who would have thought that running an annual convention (RavenCon), a NASFiC (ReConStruction, the North American Science Fiction Convention) and publishing a semiprozine would be so much work? Apparently everyone but me because I’ve had innumerable people telling me that I was crazy to take so much on in one year. I may need to see if Chris Garcia has some kind of secret drug that helps him multi-task.

I’ve learned a lot though. The differences between running a mid-sized local convention and a large national convention are enormous. Although we’re predicting ReConStruction to only be between two to three times the size of an average RavenCon, the logistics and man-hours are proving to be about ten times more. I know that part of this is because we’re using a convention center and two hotels. However, I have to wonder if some of the extra baggage is the result of years and years of Worldcon “wisdom” being handed down as the “correct/only” way to do things. Does any convention really need a staff of nearly one hundred people? We’re pushing seventy now but I know that we’re still trying to fill several slots and will probably end up with nearly a hundred staffers when all is said and done.

That said though, everything is progressing nicely. We have a fantastic group of Division Heads that (for the most part) play nicely together and have a coherent vision of what the convention should look like. And, luckily for me, RavenCon is reaching the point where it practically runs itself. The only snag this year is being in a new hotel again.

As for the zine… Well, I’m glad that I have it up and running again but I really wish I had waited until NASFiC was behind me. I think I’m going to go take a nap now.


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