The Editor’s Rant: Issue #19

by Michael D. Pederson


Ah, summer. As I finish production on this issue, I’m right in the middle of my end-of-spring convention rush. For me, March is StellarCon (one day I hope to try LunaCon instead) followed rapidly by a month of panic trying to get RavenCon up and running. Then the one-two punch of Balticon and ConCarolinas on sequential weekends. With Balticon running four days it makes the turnaround even more hectic.

And then… Summer.

I’m not a huge fan of summer (generally speaking). I prefer cool days to the hot muggy east coast summers we get around here. I’ve never seen the appeal of the beach, I’ve always preferred the mountains. When I was young I always found myself looking forward to school starting up again so that I could see my friends. Now though, I find myself enjoying the lazy days away from conventions. Yes, I love being a diehard con goer but even I need a break once in a while.

And there are plenty of summertime conventions that I could be attending. Most of these though would require extra travel and/or expense. By the time June rolls around I’ve pretty much exhausted my supply of local cons until October. I had originally been expecting to be co-chairing the NASFiC this summer but my schedule has since forced me to resign. So here I am, enjoying my summer!

But enough about me… How about some info on the zine? I’m very excited to have a story from Lawrence Schoen this issue. I don’t often run reprints but when Lawrence offered me a chance to reprint his Hugo-nominated short story “The Moment,” I jumped at it. We were lucky enough to have a Frank Wu cover the summer that he won his first Hugo; I’m hoping that Lawrence’s story gets the same kind of mojo.

In addition to a Hugo nominee, we’re also bringing back comics by Robert Kauffmann and finishing out the run of Rob Balder and Dan Fahs’ strip “BelchBurger.” Last issue we introduced new artist Denny Marshall. He’s back again this month and shows off some poetry chops as well. Enjoy!


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