The Editor’s Rant: Issue #23

by Michael D. Pederson


We’re changing. Again. Yep, many of you have probably already noticed that I’ve ditched the Nth Zine logo and have gone back to Nth Degree.

Why? Well, originally when I started the online zine (Nth Zine) it was intended to be a companion piece for the traditional printed zine (Nth Degree). The two were meant to co-exist, each complementing the other. Then there was a large increase in paper costs and postage rates that made it difficult to continue printing Nth Degree. The plan at that time was to keep the online version going and put out occasional “special” issues of the print zine. However, life tends to get in the way of plans.

Since the financial crash of 2008, it has been increasingly difficult to find work in my chosen field of graphic design which has, in turn, created my own financial crash. This has also coincided with the rise of online publishing. Together, the two factors have almost guaranteed that Nth Degree will exist solely as an online publication from now on.

In my heart of hearts I still think of the entire project as Nth Degree, so for the sake of tradition I have returned to the old and much-beloved original title. Perhaps one day we will return to print publication, and if we do we can revive the title of Nth Zine for online pubbing. But for now, I’m happy to announce that Nth Degree is back. I will, in fact, be going back and rebranding all of the old Nth Zines to fit into the Nth Degree numbering system.

On a more straight-forward note… We’d like to wish long-time contributor C.J. Henderson well. C.J.’s been dealing with medical issues and the accompanying financial burdens that go with them. I’m very happy to include a new Piers Knight story from C.J. Henderson in this issue, “This Memory of Happiness”. You can support C.J. at The Society for the Preservation of C.J. Henderson online at


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