The Editor’s Rant: Issue #3

by Michael D. Pederson


Here we are, already at our third issue. If this was a Marvel comic, it would be time for a gratuitous Spider-Man cameo. Instead, you get me. I just love a captive audience. Hey! Don’t walk away from me when I’m ranting at you, come back here! Ok, I apologize and will try to keep the ranting to a minimum. Now, read on Macduff…

If you’ve read one of our earlier issues, or met us at conventions, then you already know how thick we are. Boy, that sure came out wrong. The point I’m trying to make is… Starting with this issue, we are doubling our page count! This will give us enough space to add plenty of new features—including an expanded selection of poetry and fiction, more comics, new columnists, more artwork, and there’s even room for me to ramble on about whatever tedium should spring to mind.

Some less secure editors would worry about suddenly having twice as much space to fill. Not me. [Sweat, sweat, sweat.] I’m sure that our readers would love to have thirty-two pages of my ranting if I should come up short on material. Right folks? Hello… Anyone there?
Actually there are a few reasons that we are able to double our size. The first being the incredible reception we’ve been getting at conventions. It’s because of this strong fan-base that businesses are willing to take a chance on advertising with us. So, a hearty thanks to our readers for taking the time to seek us out at their local SF/Fantasy conventions!

And, as long as I’m handing out thanks, I can’t forget to mention the fantastically creative group of friends that have volunteered their time and talent to this project. The names in the black bar to the right are more than just a staff, collectively they represent 145 years of friendship. As is usually the case though, the new kid on the block is always the first one to get screwed over. Andy World, who just joined us a few months ago, is an amazing artist whose credits got left out of the previous issue. If anyone was curious as to who did the three illustrations that accompanied “Hector the H20” in Issue #2, it was Andy. We’re all grateful to have him on the staff.

I would also like to mention, in great detail, the contributions of the rest of the staff but space grows short here. Instead, I will use my remaining space to get in some quick promotions… Visit our website (; send us your letters, stories, poems, filks, comics, etc.; look for us at your local genre-related conventions; eat all your vegetables; and, most importantly, buy everything that our advertisers are selling. See you next issue!


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