What is it?

X LogoNth Degree is a free online fanzine that has been providing a quality home for new writers and artists since 2002.

We started as a print magazine with a full-color, glossy cover that was distributed through freebie tables and registration bags at conventions across the country. That lasted for three and a half years (14 issues). Rising costs for printing and postage put a quick end to that. We’ve been online ever since.

Although we are an online e-zine, we design each issue so that it can be printed from a home printer. We like to think of the internet as our distributor rather than our medium. The zine comes out quarterly (ish) and features a wide variety of fiction, reviews, fandom history and commentary, poetry, filk, and comics. A little something for everyone.

SFRevuSince we started, our goal has been to promote up-and-coming new science-fiction/fantasy authors and artists and to support the world of fandom and conventions.

Since 2002, we’ve published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction from authors like Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike Allen, Stephen L. Antczak, Rob Balder, Brandon & Susan Blackmoor, Alex Bledsoe, rich brown, Warren Buff, Tom Doyle, Chris Garcia, C.J. Henderson, Peter Huston, Jack Jeffers, Susan Lange, James Maxey, Ron McClung, Tee Morris, KT Pinto, Lawrence M. Schoen, James R. Stratton, Patrick Thomas, Michail Velichansky, Robert E. Waters, Bud Webster, and many more.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to work with talented artists like Alan F. Beck, Taylor N. Bielecki, Randall M. Ensley, Dan Fahs, Brad Foster, Erica Henderson, Denny E. Marshall, Julia Morgan-Scott, Mike Phillips, Robert Quill, Lynn Shipp, Bob Snare, Billy Tackett, S.C. Watson, Doug Welsh, J. Andrew World, and Frank Wu.

Starting in 2006, Nth Degree began hosting a literary-focused science fiction convention — RavenCon. RavenCon is held every April in Williamsburg, Virginia and has grown to a 1200-person event.

From the beginning this has always been a fan-driven project. Nth Degree could never exist without fandom; thank you for supporting us through the years. If you’re interested in being more involved, please visit out Patreon page to help out. Thank you.



Between 2002–2006, the print version of Nth Degree was distributed to over 150 conventions in 72 cities.



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